Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Camp!

I just got back from summer camp and it totally rocked!!!!!! I made a ton of new friends and learned a lot. I'm so going back next year! It's called Great Books Summer Program and the website is greatbookssummer.com. You can go to either Stanford University or Amherst University (Stanford's the best) and stay for 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Basically, you just read, have discussions about the reading, take certain electives, go shopping, go fountain hopping, play field/board games. It's super duper fun!

Anyway, I was just reading some fanfiction and JoshRamsay.GrimmFever mentioned my blog, so I'm like really happy now! Yay! If you're reading this, you totally rock!!!!

Just a random question: does anyone understand Borges' story, "The Writing of God"? It makes no sense to me, so yeah. And what are the "seemingly random" fourteen words on the jaguars skin? That story drove me crazy for like 4 days.

Okay, I'm getting bored now, so bye!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Really Hate Yard Work

Today, my mom had me doing yard work at 10 a.m. It stunk. When we were using the tarp to carry leaves and branches out to the burn pile, a bunch of the branches scratched me. So I'm not all that happy. On the bright side, my aunt, uncle, and cousin are bringing their dog over today to stay the summer with us! Yay! Pomeranian Doggy Lick Puppy Unfortunately, their dog doesn't look like any of these. Apparently, pugs aren't important enough to have their own smiley.

I don't really know why, but right now I'm listening to Bye Bye Bye by 'N Sync. It's a really old song and I'm not a big fan of them, but it's kind of catchy. I've had it stuck in my head like all day and strangely that doesn't bother me. Weird.

I'm watching Even Stevens now! I used to be obsessed with this show. It's a really funny episode where Louis and Twitty are prank calling everybody! Awwww, commercial. I really hate those. There should just be one or two channels just for commercials and then all the rest are for T.V. shows only. That would solve everybody's problems. Recliner Static Haha! Smileys are fun! I'm also obsessed with cursors now too. They have some pretty cool ones. And some really lame ones. I mean really, who wants their cursor to be a former president? Not me, that's for sure.
These are my favorite smileys: Penguin Polar Bear Tiger Lion Zebra Leopard Giraffe Elephant Fox Moose Bunny Skunk Raccoon Beaver Panda Pig Mouse Glitter Apple Glitter Bat Changing The Guard Aren't they cute? Well, except for the Buckingham Palace guards. They're just funny! Well, I'm running out of stuff to say, so see ya! Or as Fang from Maximum Ride would say, Fly On! Wow, that was kind of random.

Awesome Rubik's Cube Cursor

Okay, so I was looking through all my cursors and I found this awesome, Totaltastic Rubik's Cube! I even made it so that it's the default cursor for my blog! How awesome am I? So I just thought that was pretty cool. If you want the penguin back, just say so.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Extremely Weird Fanfiction

Okay I just read this fanfiction that was so weird I had to talk about it here. It's a Maximum Ride fanfiction where Fang figures out he's gay and in love with Iggy (hehe Fang + Iggy = Faggy) but then Max tells Fang that she's pregnant and it's all, "and then Fang and Iggy looked at each other and knew there was no way they could every be together." Weird, right? So yeah, just thought I'd talk about that.
I'm listening to Untouched by The Veronicas right now. I don't really like this song all that much, but my iPod's on shuffle. Oh hey! It's over! Oh great, now it's a stupid David Archuleta song that I don't like. Yay for the skip button!!! Yay! It's Love Story by Katharine McPhee! I actually have this song on my playlist, so if you want to hear it you can scroll down to the purple bear and find it. This is like the perfect song for Puck and Sabrina from the Sisters Grimm. Especially the part where it's like, "the boy you never wanted just steals your heart, I never saw it coming till I fell so hard." Yeah, perfect.
I'm reading this book called Turning Tables now. It's pretty good, except sometimes it uses waiter lingo that I don't understand. It's about this marketing big-shot who has to take a job as a waitress. It's kind of funny. You should read it.
I just remembered, my friend Elisabeth still has my copy of The Everafter War. I really need that back, she's had it for about a month now...
So that's pretty much all I have to say. TTFN!

Cool Websites I Found

So when I was really bored yesterday, I went looking for some websites to get me un-bored. I found this one called drawahouse.com. It's kind of cool, but only kept me entertained for about 10 minutes. What you do is you draw a house and it evaluates your personality.

Another awesome website that always has something to look at and will keep me entertained for hours on end is fanfiction.net. All it is, is just a huge website for people to post fanfiction. I love fanfiction because I usually need something to tide me over until the next book in a series comes out. I've even written some myself, but mostly I just read. Some cool fanfictions are: Another Form of the Avian Bird Flu by St. Fang of Boredom (Maximum Ride), No Matter What by Ayns and Sky (Sisters Grimm), Betrayal From Within and 100 Days Without You by JoshRamsey.GrimmFever (Sisters Grimm), Not Goode, Not Bad by memrylane (Gallagher Girls), Maximum Ride: ReGenesis by flyerac1029 (Maximum Ride), Melting Hot Ice by (ok, I forgot the author but it's a Harry Potter fic), and lots and lots of others. Some of my friends have written some too, but I've forgotten what they're called, and mine stink so I'm not going to tell you what they're called.

Oh yeah, I'm super happy because I just found out (well sorta, it's not exactly a verified source) the eighth book of The Sisters Grimm will be released in spring next year!!!! And Tempted, the 6th House of Night, book will be released October 27!!!!!!! And Forest Born, the 4th Book of Bayern, will be coming out in September!!!! Yay! I love books!

I wish I knew when the next Maximum Ride book is coming out. I love that series, well except for the 4th book. That one stunk, but the 5th one made up for it. Oh yeah! I got this really awesome cursor that is a penguin dancing!!!!!!!!

Okay, once again I'm bored, so I'll post sometime later.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Reviews!!!!

I'm still bored, so I'll start writing stuff about my favorite books!First up.....The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale!

Okay, so a lot of people say that this book isn't any good because this book just isn't realistic. I think that's really stupid because if we only like books that are realistic then why do people read Harry Potter or Eragon? I really liked this book no matter how improbable it is because, hello, it's a book. It's not supposed to be real life. The Actor and the Housewife is about a mormon housewife named Becky Jack (I love Shannon Hale's pick for her name!) who meets her #1 celebrity crush, Felix Callahan, while she's in Hollywood selling a screen play she wrote. Over time, Felix and Becky become best friends despite opposite personalities, Becky's (temporarily) jealous husband, and differing religious views. Soon, though, Becky's husband develops cancer and she relies heavily on Felix to help her get through it. It's a really fantastic book and, in my opinion, one of Shannon Hale's best books. I give it a two thumbs up! (If only I had more thumbs!)

Next up is.........Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter!

This book recently came out (June 9th) and is the 3rd book in Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series. Personally, I liked the 1st and 2nd books better. Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover had somewhat of an incomplete feel to it, and Zach Goode was hardly even in it. Plus, when he was in it, Zach was acting totally different than in Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (the 2nd book). Zach's my favorite character, so that made me really sad. Overall, it was a good book but not up to the previous books' level. I hope Ally Carter comes out with the 4th book soon because there were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many unanswered questions and loose ends.

Okay, I'm getting bored again so I'm not going to do another book right now. Bye!

My Very First Post. Yay!

Okay, so basically I'm doing this because I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really, realy, really bored. Add about a thousand more 'really's to that sentence. I'm too lazy to actually type them and I was getting more bored than I already am. It's like 10:40 p.m. right now. Just thought you might like to know. Then again, you probably have no interest in that. I really like the word schadenfreude. It's awesome and just about the only German word that doesn't make people sound like they're choking. Okay, this is getting even more boring so I'm just going to wrap this up. See ya!